Taylor Boat and RV Storage at Mark Twain Lake
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22472 Coyote Hills Drv  
Center, MO 63436  
Mark Twain Lake  
Just three miles from Ray Behrens Boatramp & Blackjack Marina!

Taylor Boat & RV Storage is within 5 miles of 3 of Mark Twain Lake's most popular boatramps and 2 of the lake's most popular campgrounds. Centrally located on Rt. EE only 2 miles from the Clarence Cannon Dam, our Storage facility offers easy access to Mark Twain Lake, the spillway, and the re-regulation pool.

Our facility offers secure storage either indoors or outdoors. We have a wide variety of storage options to accomodate from the smallest fishing boat to the largest pleasure cruiser.

Inside Storage (all prices are annual)
9' x 25' $475.00
10' x 30' $550.00
10' x 30' $575.00
12' x 30' 600.00
11' x 38' $750.00
Outside Storage
$20.00 per month or $240.00 per year  

Use the following convenient table to see how far Taylor storage is from your favorite public access area.

Place Miles
Ray Behrens Boatramp/Campground 3
Blackjack Marina 3
Clarence Cannon Dam 2
Boudreaux Group Camp/Visitor's Center 2
Briscoe Group Camp 2
Frank Russell Campground 2
South Spillway Recreation Area 2
Spalding Boatramp/Beach 6
Rt. BB Boatramp 6
Duane Whelan Boatramp 8
Mark Twain Landing Waterpark 6
Perry, MO 8
Center, MO 8
Robert Allen Boatramp 14
Monroe City, MO 17
Mark Twain State Park 19
Hannibal, MO 30
Paris, MO 30
St. Louis, MO 120
Springfield, IL 125


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