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Phone: 573-267-3546
These testimonials are from previous Chauffeured Fishing Service clients.

Dear Larry,
This note refers to our phone conversation earlier today.

I wanted to pass onto you what a marvelous experience I and my family had fishing at Mark Twain Lake this past week.

What made this experience worth talking about was the two days we spent with our fishing guide, Mr. Ken Erb.

Not having a boat and never having been to this lake we were definitely in need of a guide. Also, having three grandchildren along meant we had to catch fish. Their ages are 11, 9 and 7 and a handful for sure.

Ken more than filled the bill. He devoted himself to these three children as though they were his own. He took care of their every need and more importantly was so good natured in doing so that these kids fell in love with him soon after they met.

Ken also make my son and me, I'm the granddad, feel at home and kept us from feeling stupid as sometimes once a year fisherman are prone to be.

Thanks for pointing us to Mark Twain Lake which led us to Ken Erb.

Great Time..... Thanks for you interest and directions.

Bill L.
Downers Grove, Il.

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